Monday, November 5, 2012

Furry Critters

Those soulful eyes!
The wagging tail!
Ears all perked up!

Animals don't hide how they're feeling. You can see it all over their faces & body language. There's no way they can disguise it.

We as humans seem to love or loathe fuzzy critter pets. Either way, they are here to stay!

Pets are amazing creatures! They are a source of comfort, entertainment, & have certain health benefits too! Science has proved that petting your dog or cat can lower blood pressure & ease stress.

I watch how our children interact with the 2 little doggies we have. They play, watch,& care for them lovingly. They have also been known to dress them up & subject them to 'classes' & tea parties. Their innocent play & extra attention are always well received & the bonding benefits become a2-way street. :) I know one day it will be time to say goodbye to our furry little friends, but this will not be a bridge our family has never crossed before. Especially for our children, the loss of our 'little ball of pure fluffiness', Mijo, was a harsh lesson of life & death. But they do so love our Duke & Scooter we have now. Now being the time to enjoy their company, playfulness, the funny things they do & even the naughty things they do! Animals are amazing, beautiful, cute, cuddly, comical, elegant & magnificent creatures put here just for us humans, & I for one am so grateful for that!

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