Monday, February 11, 2013

Carrots & oranges

Thought it was a good idea to put the juicer to good use again. Carrot & apple juice is very delicious, not to mention that the nutrients are metabolized in 15 minutes! Crazy huh?
Well, since when have I been about healthy aspects of a diet, eh? I'm really about what tastes GOOD! ;)
But, if it happens to be healthy too,that's a bonus.
I had a real hair-brained idea:
I love oranges. I mean really, really LOVE oranges! So I thought I would throw it in my apple-carrot concoction, mmm..because oranges are delicious, & they do it in those infomercials, right?
Um, I have one word for you: PITH
Yea, that bitter part of the orange between the rind & its inner sweetness. Looks harmless enough but, wow! It packs a super bitter punch that lingers for hours!
I should have known better, but I'm not exactly known for clear-headed thinking! ;) 
There it is, a full glass of bittersweet ness! Ugh, down the hatch, gulp!!

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