Sunday, February 19, 2017


If you grew up knowing that there's no such thing as monsters, turn you eyes away now...

Monsters are real! They lurk in the dark when the night air is so quiet you can practically hear your own heart beat. You just never know when they will come for you!

I am more than afraid of the dark, I'm petrified of it!

This account is witnessed by my mother:
In an orphanage in the 1940's a monster came for young girls in the still of the night. Scooped up while they slept, subdued by strong arm, never to be seen again. This monster is called the Boogeyman. The Boogeyman is real.

Just a couple accounts of mine:
A monster lived in our house. He was called A&&hole and tyrant and maniac. He tried to get my mom to sign over her house to him. When she didn't, he said he would blow it up one day, with everyone still in it! Nice, a**hole...
This will tie into another entry much later.

He outright told me he would sneak in my room and stand there just to watch me sleep in the middle of the night.
But, WHY?? And, why would he tell me these things?? He then went on and said more things to me that instantly made me want to run and vomit. I HATE being 'special'!

Monsters also came in the form of teenagers disguised as brother's friends.

When it's dark, the monsters WILL jump out and get you! They could be just around the corner, you just never know....

When you think you're alone, and it's all dark and quiet, you have to make a run for it! Run as fast as you can, and yell loudly to scare the monsters away!
Why do I always hesitate before running past that hall corner? Then take a long leap onto the bed so the monsters underneath don't grab your legs!
They're not under there now, right?
I don't know...
I'm too scared to look!

So, always sleep with the lights ON and the radio playing and PRAY that it helps keeps you safe!
I would NEVER feel safe in that house, EVER again!

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