Thursday, April 6, 2017

Faith.... Hope.... Choices

It's your choice:

I know in this world we were meant to have happiness.
" are, that they might have joy.."

But this world is wrecked with conflict and misery. So, how is it that we can find joy?
It is a choice.

I could have been a bitter person. Maybe I should be! Tormented into submission, drowned in the bottom of a bottle, lost faith in humanity, teetered on the edge of becoming permanently heartless and cold...
I just wanted something different than this.

My mom has great faith. A gift, I believe, I share with her. She supported the efforts of making us attend church every week. I know now her reasons were different than stepdad's. She had pure intentions of actually teaching us about religion. Stepdad used it as a front, a cover.
Of course I didn't want to be there, but at some point, some things just stuck. The teachings, the scriptures, just made sense. I knew in my heart of hearts, deep down, I knew it was right.

It was there my teeny tiny spark of hope from somewhere deep within my very being originated. Somewhere along the wrong path I was on, I chose to find a different way.
I held tight to that hope. The hope that things could change. Hope that I could become a better person, and hope that I might have a chance at life.

I wouldn't have had any hope if there wasn't any faith to back it up. It was there. It was always there, I just chose to bury it. As I let it emerge, everything changed. Everything!

I choose to hold tight to my faith. For me, I know that it's right. It gives me hope. Without that, where would I be now?

Even now, after what seems like a life time of pain and struggle, I still choose to have hope that everything will be ok.

I've been so sick my mom had to carry my unresponsive body to the doctor, I survived a plane crash, I traveled to a foreign country that almost took my life. Those are just a few examples of times my life could have ended.
I'm guessing I still have a purpose for still being here. I've been told in my darkest hours, "Don't lose hope. Just, don't lose hope!"
Without faith, my hope would've been lost ages ago.

Most times I also choose to be happy.
My 'rosie glasses' help me to view the world around me in a better light.
Sure, I realize that generally this world sucks, but I sometimes see the good it has to offer. Or rather, I CHOOSE to see the good in it. I've seen enough of the bad...
I would like to be part of the good.
I'm ready for faith, hope & happiness.

Which will you choose?

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